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 Journal - Christianity & Pharmacy 2014 - 2024

To see the table of contents of an issue, click on the image of the journal cover. CPFI members receive a copy of the journal as part of their membership. If you would like to request a copy, please contact the CPFI office.




2024 Volume 27#1 (Table of Contents) Click the page number(s)below to see the article. 

An Unexpected Testimony at the Dentist by Mary J. Ferrill p. 02-03
Abortion, Mifepristone, The FDA, and Pharmacists: Life, Death,
Conscience, and Silence
 by Daniel Hussar
p. 03-07
2023 Operation Christmas Child at University of Incarnate Word
Feik School of Pharmacy
p. 09-10
A New Trend: How Pharmacists are Transforming Healthcare 
by Jeffery A. Bates and Marty Larson
p. 11-13
Waiting on the Lord by Teri Miller p. 13-14
Reflections on South Africa Journey - Deconstructing my Knowledge
About Africa
 by Therese I. Poirier
p. 14-18



2023 Volume 26#2 (Table of Contents) Click the page number(s)below to see the article. 

Bring the Little Children Unto Me by Mary J. Ferrill p. 02-03
The Warren E. Weaver Service Award by Keith Allhands p. 04
Passing the Baton of Faith as You Run Your Race by Joy Greene p. 06-07
Compassionate Care in a Third World Context  p.07 - 09
Fight the Good Fight of Faith by Jennifer Sands p. 09 - 14
Abiding in Christ: The Claim Versus the Evidence by Wagdy Wahba 
p. 14-16
Dietary Supplements to Enhance Immunity by Mary J. Ferrill p. 16-18



2023 Volume 26#1 (Table of Contents) Click the page number(s)below to see the article. 

Seek First His Kingdom: What Wheezy and the Apostle Peter Teach Us by Mary J. Ferrill p. 02-03
Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging: A Biblical Perspective Compared with
Secular Definitions
 by Brittany Vickery
p. 03-06
Overwhelmed in Uganda by Steve Nester p. 07-08
How to Deal with Healthcare Burdens by Fady Sadek p. 08-10
Touring the Middle East: Reaffirmation of My Biblical Knowledge and Walk by Therese I. Poirier p. 10-14
Perversion of God's Truth: A Precursor to Chaos  by Daniel Brown p. 14-18




2022 Volume 25#2 (Table of Contents) Click the page number(s)below to see the article. 

Nothing to Do, or so I Thought by Mary J. Ferrill p. 02-03
Expanding Pharmacist's Roles: Allowing Spiritual Well-being
a Place at Our Counter
 by Nancy Stoehr
p. 03-9
The Warren E. Weaver Service Award by Keith Allhands p. 10
Serving in the Samaritan's Purse Emergency Field
Hospital in Les Cayes, Haiti
 by Kara L. Birrer, Vladimir
Poplavskiy and Greg Carlson
p. 11-16
Rephaiah: Focus on Health and Hope for Neglected
 by Peter Kumpalume, Adwoa Nornoo, Joshua
Nthakomwa, Agnes Mpoto Bandazi, Precious Ngwalero 
Katundu, Baxter H Kachingwe, Hellen Chabunya, Harm
Maarsingh and Sveinbjourn Gizuararson
p. 16-18



2022 Volume 25#1 (Table of Contents) Click the page number(s)below to see the article. 

Refuge, Security and Peace by Mary J. Ferrill p. 02-03
The Recoil of Essential Oils and Multi-level Marketing by W. Stephen Pray p. 03-11
The Nearness of God by Nena Lindrose p. 11-12
Patient Health - It's Not Just Physical by Luke Nesbitt p. 12-13
Can I Really Use my Pharmacist License to Spread the
 by Bryan Hammons
p. 13-15
Ministering do a Diverse Population Through Vaccines  
by Nguyen D. Nguyen & Timothy D. Veenstra
p. 15-16
Here I am Lord, Send Me: Making Disciples by Deidra Simpson p. 17-18




2021 Volume 24#2 (Table of Contents)

Johnny Appleseed vs Alvin and the Chipmunks by Mary J. Ferrill p. 02-03
Why Study the Book of Revelation? by Nena Lindrose & Daniel Spadaro p. 03-06
Warren E. Weaver Service Award by Awards Committee p. 06-07
CPFI Hands and Feet Grants by Jeff Copeland p. 08-10
Serving Locally: Opportunities for Pharmacists 
by Juliette Miller & Christine Birnie
p. 10-12
A Physician Without Limits  by Jean Vattakattu Varghese p. 12-13
Using Christian Counseling Techniques by P. Brittany Vickery &
Stephen B. Vickery
p. 13-15
Grateful for a Rewarding Career  by Jody Jacobson Wedret p. 16-17



 2021 Volume 24#1 (Table of Contents)

Your Profile Page by Mary J. Ferrill p. 02-03 
CPFI Hands and Feet Grants by Jeff Copeland p. 03-05
Yarn and Thread, Blessings Ahead by Susan B. Smith p. 05-08
Money, Horses, and Spouses: A Practical Guide to
Christian Pharmacist Sanctification 
 by David M. Peters Jr.
p. 08-10
Morality and Ethics versus Profit: Health Fraud and the
Christian Pharmacist
 by Virgil Van Dusen, John R. Barnett & W. Steven Pray
p. 10-18




2020 Volume 23#2 (Table of Contents)

The Great Outdoors by Mary J. Ferrill p. 02-03
Christianity and Healing by Rachel Senn, Dwight Davis, Daniel Spadaro p. 03-07
2020 Warren Weaver Award  - Luigi DeBoni II p. 08
Benefits of Short-term Medical Missions by Callyn Parker  p. 09-10
Reflections of La Frontera by Danielle Tully, Carrie & Carrie L. Griffiths p. 10-13
Coronavirus Facebook Post  by Jennifer Sands p. 13-14
Innovative Pharmacy Instruction During COVID  by Rocco J. Rotello,
Elisha Injeti & Timothy D. Veenstra
p. 14-18


2020 Volume 23#1 (Table of Contents)

Recruiting the Lost by Mary J. Ferrill p. 02 
The Priority of Love by Jeff Copeland p. 03-04
Gratitude by Steve Nester p. 05-06
Leave Your Fear Behind, Trust Him Fully by Samantha Axtell p. 06-07
Samaritan's Purse Humanitarian Aid by Gene Erb p. 08-10
Heart for Honduras  by Kelsey Merlo p. 10-12
Reflections on Travel to China by Therse I. Poirie p. 13-15
Man Plans, God Directs  by Joy Nwoke p. 16-17
Supplying OTC Medications to Refugees by Ernest Khumbah p. 18




2019 Volume 22#2 (Table of Contents)

The Mantle by Nena Lindrose p. 02-03 
Sports Ministry by Jack J. Chen p. 03-04
Dr. Warren E. Service Award p. 05
Haiti Bus Trip by Frank J. Nice p. 06-07
Challenges for Christian Pharmacists  by Virgil Van Dusen and W. Steven Pray p. 07-11
Haitian Hospitality by Kacie Thiessen p. 12-13
My First Medical Brigade  by Carrie Griffiths p. 14-15
Just the Right Time by Jacob Grasser p. 16-17



2019 Volume 22#1 (Table of Contents)

My Prayer of Jabez, Part 2 by Mary Ferrill p. 02 
Living as Children of Light in Truth by Daniel Spadaro p. 03-06
What is Truth?  by Virgil Van Dusen and W. Steven Pray p. 06-08
Re-imagining a Medical Exam and Pharmacist Role on a Medical Mission Trip:
Reflections from a Pharmacy Student
 by B. Cobern, A. White and K. Manigault
p. 09-10
The Manna is Always Enough  by Brooke Balenger  and Brandi Pierce p. 11-12
Macedonia, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Rawanda: Will Honduras be Next?
 by Susan M.  Smith, Melanie N. Smith and Matthew R. Smith
p. 13-16
Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable: My Journey to Tanzania by Susie Kim p. 16-18



2018 Volume 21#2 (Table of Contents)

Rescuing the Lost by Jennifer Sands p. 02-04
Dr. Warren E. Weaver Service Award "For Following Our Lord's
Example of Service to Others"

p. 04-05 
2018 CPFI Hands and Feet Grants p. 06-09
Pharmacy Involvement in Overseas Missions by Rachel Kozinski
and Therese I. Poirier
p. 10-21


2018 Volume 21#1 (Table of Contents)

Editorial: Finding God’s Plan by Mary Ferrill p. 02 
Incorporating Soft Skills by Mark Johnson p. 02-04
How God Used a Pharmacy Student  by Rachel Kozinski p. 04-08
Paths of Uncertainty by Anna M. Staudt p. 08-09
Empathy in the Pharmacy Workplace by Amy Holmes and Dawn Battise p. 09-11
Providing Holistic Care by Sierra Simpkins p. 12
Blessings and Benefits of CPFI Membership by Fred Starling p. 13
Becoming a Pharmacist by Sarah Palacio p. 13 -14
Relying on My 3 F’s by Julie Kidd p. 14-16
Pharmacy as Your Mission Field by Mark Forbes p. 17

Seeing the Patient, Not the “Addict by Tracy R. Frame, Emily Kohal, and Angela Clauson

 p. 18-20
How to Be a Faith Pharmer by Neil Gillette  p. 20-21




 2017 Volume 20#2 (Table of Contents)

Editorial: Pharmacists and Medical Missions by Mary Ferrill p. 02 
Lifetime Achievement Awards and Warren E Weaver 
Service Award 
p. 03
Cedarville STEPS Up to the Plate  by by Juanita A. Draime, McKenzie R.

Shenk, Kara M. Bobka

p. 04-06  
Visiting the “Arise Talents” Orphanage by Jason Bowen p. 07-08 
Being the Hands and Feet of Jesus by Nina Abraham p. 9 
Short-Term Missions, Long-Term Impact  by Justin W. Cole p. 10-11 

The Value of a Christian Pharmacy Education by Pakou Vang

p. 12
Lean Not on Your Own Understanding by Joy Kirby p. 13 
Cambodia by Laken Wilson, Lauren Howey, KaoShoua Lee, Jade
Williams, and Tracy Frame 
p. 14-17
My Mission Experience by Carson Feix with Brooke L. Gildon p. 18-19
Don’t Grow Weary by Steve Nester  p. 20



 2017 Volume 20#1 (Table of Contents)

Editorial: The Difficult Journey by Mary Ferrill p. 02 
Staying True to Your Values by E.R. Anderson Jr. p. 04-05  
CPFI and the Road Less Traveled  by Daniel Spadaro  p. 05-08  
Transformation of Christian Pharmacy Student to a Christian
 by Jocelyn M. Freimuth
p. 09  
Don't Overlook Divine Appointments by Ralph Boyle p. 10
Son's Broken Road Changes Pharmacist Mom's Approach 
by Nancy Burgett
p. 10-11
The One Who Calls You is Faithful, and He Will Do It 
by Uragijwimana Jean De La Paix
p. 11-12
Just Make Time for Jesus by Paul Petrillo and Jason Bowen p. 12-13
Student Regional Retreats  p. 13-14
Hearts for the Broken by Emily Laswell, Andrew Straw & Brenda Pahl p. 15-16
Going Unto All the World by Rachel Kozinski  p. 16-19
Relying on God for Strength in the Mission Field by Chrales Wight,
Patricia Gonzalez-Abreu, Jennifer Mijares & David Dakwa
p. 20-22
Advocating for Haiti by Frank J. Nice & Lysette A. Deshields p. 22-26




 2016 Volume 19#2 (Table of Contents)

Gratitude by Mary Ferrill p. 2
Testimony from Taiwan by Ya-Han Lee, Li-yi- Liu & Hsiang-Yin Chen p. 4-7  
Power of Miracles  by Dan Brown  p. 8  
Being a Light in Darkness by Sarah Anderson p. 9-10  
Live Each Day by Charlotte Wilson p. 10-11  
Integrating Faith into Practice by Jordan Wulz & Hanna Sung p. 11-12  
Servant Leadership - Missions by Justin Dorothea, Austin Greanias,
Olivia Joyce & Michael Montejo
p. 12-14  
Pharm Fresh - Missions by Steffanie Powell, Ariel Richardson & 
Zach Ziner
p. 15-16  
Clinical Christianity by Jim Pinder p. 17
Board of Directors - Working Together  p. 18-19
Student Chapter Activities  p. 19-20  


2016 Volume 19#1 (Table of Contents)

Letter from the Editor by Mary Ferrill p. 2
An Analysis of Missions by Jeff Copeland p. 4-7  
Pharmacy and Radio?  by Joy Greene  p. 7-8 
Stopping for Turkeys by Rachelle Gaines p. 10-11  
Pauline Mentorship by Geoffrey & Courtney Mospan p. 12-13  
Mission Field at Home by Ashley Johnson p. 14  
Missions at the Core by Cedarville University p. 16-18  
Marijuana by Frank Nice p. 19-21  
Laborers of the Harvest by Deborah Chien p. 21  



2015 Volume 18#1 (Table of Contents)

Letter from the Editor by Mary Ferrill p. 3 
Gospel-Minded Mission Field by Deborah Chien p. 4-5  
Spiritual Warfare by N. Boyd, J. Elbert, J. Machin, H. Morris, J. Wulz  p. 6-8 
Ready, Set, Go! by Joy Greene p. 9
The Master's Key by Sam Molind p. 10-11
Using Our Earthly Endeavors to Serve by Cortney Mospan p. 12-14
Until They Know - We are Sancocho by Meghan Roddy p. 14-15
Being a Missionary at Home by Marcus Silva p. 16-17  
Applying the Stages of Change to Evangelism by Rebecca Widder p. 17-19  
Weaver Service Award  - recipient Dr. Wagdy Wahba p. 20-21  


2014 - A tribute to the late Warren Weaver, CPFI Founder and mentor.

2014 Volume 17#1 (Table of Contents)

In Loving Memory by Ron Herman p. 2-5
Memories of Warren Weaver by Herbert Hames p. 6-7
Pharmacists as Followers of Christ by Timothy Welty p. 8-10
Transformation by Amy Holmes p. 10
Change by Kay Lasley p. 11
Caring for the Uninsured and Newly Insured by Ashley Wensil p. 12-17
Computerized Provider Order Entry by Angela Pegram p. 18-19
Pharmacy Experiences in Afghanistan by Esther Kwak p. 21-22
Love Across Boundaries by L. Drescher, N. Chilson, J. Pauly, S. Reeg p. 23-25
Garden Reflections by Larry Johnson p. 26

1996 - The Inaugural Edition (Special reproduction of 2 articles)

To Honor the remembrance of our founder two articles from the first edition of the journal that were authored by Warren E. Weaver, one that describes his early spiritual journey and the second that describes the events that led to the establishment of CPFI are now available: 

1996 Volume 1#1  Table of Contents

A Man with a Mission  by Warren E. Weaver  p18-20
The History of Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International  by Warren E. Weaver   p5-9


2013 Volume 16#2  Table of Contents

Editorial: His Calling  by Lisa Sims p. 2-3
Analysis of Finances According to the Apostle Paul  by Jeffrey Copeland  p. 4-10  
Embracing Our Generational Differences  by Molly Ashe Scott  p. 11-15  
Adopting a Proactive, Healthy Lifestyle  by Jim Mitroka & Wadgy Wahba  p. 16-18  
Hope for Africa  by Robert L. Watt  p. 19-22  
Acquisition of Medicine for Short-term Mission Trips  by Christine Birnie p. 22-26  
Missionary Journey - CPFI Presentation  by Jeany Kim Jun p. 27-30  
Pharmacy Law and Matthew 18  by Jim Pinder  p. 35  
Annual Meeting Reflections  by Nancy Stoehr, Daniel Spadaro and Daniel Wilson  P. 36-38  
Christ and Conflict  by John Chamoun  p. 39-40  
Shinning a Light Closer to Home  by Heather Fascia, Andrew Masselink & Michelle Musial p. 41-42  



2013 Volume 16#1  Table of Contents

Editorial: Pharmacy Practice & Communicating the Gospel by Timothy Welty p. 2-3
Diseases of Lifestyle by Scott Kaufman p. 4-6
Integrating Faith and Learning by Guy-Armel Bounda p. 6-9
Improving the Workplace by Wagdy Wahba & William Shelton p. 10-13
Dispensing Spiritual Comfort by Joy Greene p. 13-15
A Touch of Prayer by James Nesbit p. 16-19
Peace Building by Heath Ford p. 19-21
Mission Trip Reports - Amazon, Guatemala and Honduras p. 22-30
Personal Reflection by Larry Johnson p. 31
CPFI Upcoming events, information and membership application p. 32-26



2012 Volume 15#1  Table of Contents

Freedom to Care by David Stevens

p. 2-6
Thinking the Unthinkable by Dennis Sullivan and Heather Kuruvilla p.6-9
Ethics, an Everyday Issue for Pharmacists by Timothy E. Welty p.10-11
An Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience by Gina Prescott, Jineane Venci, and Edward Bednarczyk  p.13-16
Through the Eyes of Christ: Serving with Compassion at Work by Tracy Frame, Kelly J Hiteshew, Melody Hartzler, and Aleda M H Chen p.17-19
Pharmacy Practice: Who Benefits? by Frank J. Nice p.20-21
Personal Reflection by Jack J. Chen and Student Highlights by Sara Low p. 22-24
CPFI Membership Application, Information and upcoming events p.25-27



2011 Volume 14 #2  Table of Contents

Introducing Integrative Thinking by Daniel Estes

Pharmacy and Faith can Intersect by Marc Sweeney p.6-9
Called to be a Pharmacist by Scott Kaufman p.10-13
Underserved in Prune, India by Christine Birnie p.14-16
Personal Reflections Student Reports p.17-23
CPFI Membership Application, Information and upcoming events p.24-27


2011 Volume 14 #1  Table of Contents

Motivation Makes a Difference by Timothy Welty

Establishing Best Practices for Pharmacists on Short Term Mission Trips by Ronald Herman p.6-11
Challenged to Serve Abroad by Melody Hartzler p.12-13
Educating the Next Generation by Jeffrey Copeland p.14-15

Costa Rica Medical Mission by Kristen Fitzer, Nathaniel Harscher, Kyle Mains, Kimberly TenHoeve, Kylie Webb

A Journey to Roatan, Honduras by Annie Zakian & Madoussou Kane p.19-20
Mere Pharmacists by Jack Chen p.21-22
Book Review: Grasping Heaven by Jeffrey Lewis p.23



2010 Volume 13 #1  Table of Contents

Spiritual Escape by Aaron W Calhoun, MD 

Seeking wisdom in our professional and personal activities  Editorial p.9
The Good Profession Calling All Pharmacists…Pharmacy: A High Calling by James Nesbit, PhD p.10-11
Ella®: Muddying the Waters by Julie Lynch McDonald, PharmD p.12-17
Number one request from student chapters? It is for you!!!  by Clarence Gissendanner, PharmD and Julie McDonald, PharmD p.17-19
Reflections and Student Reports by Youssef Roman and by Kristen Rychalsky, PharmD p.20-24
Oath of a Christian Pharmacist by Purdue Student Chapter p.25
CPFI Membership Application, Information and upcoming events p.26-33


2009 Volume 12 #1


2008 Volume 11 #2

2008 Volume 11 #1


2007 Volume 10 #2

2007 Volume 10 #1


2006 Volume 9 #2

2006 Volume 9 #1


2005 Volume 8 #2

2005 Volume 8 #1

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