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Last Updated on Sunday, April 03, 2016 12:58 AM

Current membership contributions for CPFI are:

Professional Members

Professional Members

     Associate Members

Membership (per year) $100          Technician $100
Contributing Membership    $125   Librarian $100
Supporting Membership  $250   Drug Company $100
Sustaining Membership $500   Ministry Friend $100
First Professional Year $30  
Second Professional Yr. $60  

Student Members

   International Members

Pre-pharmacy $30           Professional      $100  
Student P1-P4 $30 Student $30  
Grad Student/Resident   $30

                                Membership must be paid in U.S. Dollars.

Last Updated on Friday, December 28, 2012 05:39 PM

CPFI Committees

Executive Committee

Jeff Copeland, Chair (President)
Fred Eckel, (Immediate Past President)
Daniel Wilson (Vice-President)
Susan Lutz (Secretary)
Greg Carlson (Treasurer)
Ron Herman (Executive Director)
Nena Lindrose (Administrative Director)


Finance Committee

Greg Carlson, Chair
Keith Allhands
Jeff Copeland
Gene Erb
Ron Herman
Nena Lindrose

Membership Committee

Daniel Wilson, Chair
Jeff Copeland
Grace Heeralall
Manasseh Heeralall
Suzanne Hussar
Nena Lindrose
Chris Schutte
Scott Schutte
Susan Smith
Fred Starling

Nominations Committee

Susan Lutz, Chair 
Jeff Copeland
Fred Eckel
Mary Ferrill
Herb Hames
Charlotte Wilson


Current Additional Standing Committees

Annual Meeting Committee

Keith Allhands, Co-Chair
Herb Hames, Co-Chair
Jeff Copeland
Ron Herman
Jessica Langdon
Nena Lindrose


Educational Affairs Committee

Jeff Bates, Co-Chair
Jeff Copeland
Fred Eckel
Dan Hussar
Nena Lindrose
Nancy Stoehr
Camille Wissmann
Steve Woxland


Awards & Recognition Committee

Keith Allhands, Co-Chair
Fred Eckel, Co-Chair
Dawn Battise
Ron Herman
Robert Watt




Missions Committee

Keith Allhands, Chair
Ron Herman
Christine Birnie
Anne Clay
Jeff Copeland
Majorie Hayes
Barbara Hoagland
Paul Kabanga Kapuya
Andrea Mezentsef
Gary Smith
Robert Watt 
Lauren Willis

Bylaws Committee (Ad Hoc)

Mark Johnson, Chair
Keith Allhands
Gene Lutz
Dan Spadaro


Publications Committee

Mary Ferrill, Chair
Bianca Cruz
Ashley Johnson
Nena Lindrose
Jennifer Sands
Camille Wissmann


Student Committees

National Student Council (NSC)

Ashley Devaughan, Chair
Tristam Ford
Sarah Leonall
Austin Greanias
Gevette Ocasio
Kelly Niedzwiecki

Student Chapter Advisory Committee

Daniel Wilson, Chair
Austin Greanias
Amanda Hayes
Shawn Kohlhaas
Julie McDonald
Ron Nickel
Kelly Niedzwiecki
Lisa Sims
Nancy Stoehr
Charlotte Taft
Robert Watt

Student Scholarship Committee

Dan Spadaro, Chair
Mark Johnson
Babajide Oguntimein
Melanie Reinhardt

Last Updated on Friday, October 13, 2017 11:14 AM