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2013 Volume 16#2  Table of Contents

Editorial: His Calling  by Lisa Sims p. 2-3
Analysis of Finances According to the Apostle Paul  by Jeffrey Copeland  p. 4-10  
Embracing Our Generational Differences  by Molly Ashe Scott  p. 11-15  
Adopting a Proactive, Healthy Lifestyle  by Jim Mitroka & Wadgy Wahba  p. 16-18  
Hope for Africa  by Robert L. Watt  p. 19-22  
Acquisition of Medicine for Short-term Mission Trips  by Christine Birnie p. 22-26  
Missionary Journey - CPFI Presentation  by Jeany Kim Jun p. 27-30  
Pharmacy Law and Matthew 18  by Jim Pinder  p. 35  
Annual Meeting Reflections  by Nancy Stoehr, Daniel Spadaro and Daniel Wilson  P. 36-38  
Christ and Conflict  by John Chamoun  p. 39-40  
Shinning a Light Closer to Home  by Heather Fascia, Andrew Masselink & Michelle Musial p. 41-42  



2013 Volume 16#1  Table of Contents

Editorial: Pharmacy Practice & Communicating the Gospel by Timothy Welty p. 2-3
Diseases of Lifestyle by Scott Kaufman p. 4-6
Integrating Faith and Learning by Guy-Armel Bounda p. 6-9
Improving the Workplace by Wagdy Wahba & William Shelton p. 10-13
Dispensing Spiritual Comfort by Joy Greene p. 13-15
A Touch of Prayer by James Nesbit p. 16-19
Peace Building by Heath Ford p. 19-21
Mission Trip Reports - Amazon, Guatemala and Honduras p. 22-30
Personal Reflection by Larry Johnson p. 31
CPFI Upcoming events, information and membership application p. 32-26



2012 Volume 15#1  Table of Contents

Freedom to Care by David Stevens

p. 2-6
Thinking the Unthinkable by Dennis Sullivan and Heather Kuruvilla p.6-9
Ethics, an Everyday Issue for Pharmacists by Timothy E. Welty p.10-11
An Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience by Gina Prescott, Jineane Venci, and Edward Bednarczyk  p.13-16
Through the Eyes of Christ: Serving with Compassion at Work by Tracy Frame, Kelly J Hiteshew, Melody Hartzler, and Aleda M H Chen p.17-19
Pharmacy Practice: Who Benefits? by Frank J. Nice p.20-21
Personal Reflection by Jack J. Chen and Student Highlights by Sara Low p. 22-24
CPFI Membership Application, Information and upcoming events p.25-27



2011 Volume 14 #2  Table of Contents

Introducing Integrative Thinking by Daniel Estes

Pharmacy and Faith can Intersect by Marc Sweeney p.6-9
Called to be a Pharmacist by Scott Kaufman p.10-13
Underserved in Prune, India by Christine Birnie p.14-16
Personal Reflections Student Reports p.17-23
CPFI Membership Application, Information and upcoming events p.24-27


2011 Volume 14 #1  Table of Contents

Motivation Makes a Difference by Timothy Welty

Establishing Best Practices for Pharmacists on Short Term Mission Trips by Ronald Herman p.6-11
Challenged to Serve Abroad by Melody Hartzler p.12-13
Educating the Next Generation by Jeffrey Copeland p.14-15

Costa Rica Medical Mission by Kristen Fitzer, Nathaniel Harscher, Kyle Mains, Kimberly TenHoeve, Kylie Webb

A Journey to Roatan, Honduras by Annie Zakian & Madoussou Kane p.19-20
Mere Pharmacists by Jack Chen p.21-22
Book Review: Grasping Heaven by Jeffrey Lewis p.23



2010 Volume 13 #1  Table of Contents

Spiritual Escape by Aaron W Calhoun, MD 

Seeking wisdom in our professional and personal activities  Editorial p.9
The Good Profession Calling All Pharmacists…Pharmacy: A High Calling by James Nesbit, PhD p.10-11
Ella®: Muddying the Waters by Julie Lynch McDonald, PharmD p.12-17
Number one request from student chapters? It is for you!!!  by Clarence Gissendanner, PharmD and Julie McDonald, PharmD p.17-19
Reflections and Student Reports by Youssef Roman and by Kristen Rychalsky, PharmD p.20-24
Oath of a Christian Pharmacist by Purdue Student Chapter p.25
CPFI Membership Application, Information and upcoming events p.26-33

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