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  • See a list of student affiliated groups, see a list of all colleges of pharmacy and see how the student groups are divided into regions.
  • A National Student Council (NSC) member represents each affiliated group, so you can also find a listing of NSC representatives and faculty advisors for each group.
  • See suggestions for chapter advisors on how to stay engaged with their group.
  • Link to a student activities bulletin board where students can post ideas and reports of activities of their chapter

There are some scholarships available to assist students with projects that will develop character and skills that will help students to integrate their faith into their practice of pharmacy.  Details for the deadlines and requirements for this application are provided.  CPFI does provide any tuition scholarships.

Member Center

Members can use the login button at the top of the page.  Then you can access your profile to view, update and set privacy levels for your CPFI member information with the links in the welcome information or by using the member center menu buttons. You can also explore and join various special groups (communities) such as the prayer team.  Members and non-members can see a listing of the current officers, board members, and active committees using the menu buttons.  Nonmembers or lapsed members can use this link to join CPFI.

CPFI is dependent on the generous contributions of its members.  There is a quick link to give you an opportunity to to become a financial partner. We also provide an opportunity for members to post job openings and anyone to be able to check out the postings on the CPFI Job Board (see the Quick Link.

Student Center

Student members can login, access their profile, and update their CPFI member information. They can also join various special groups where they can share and dialog about various student chapter activities.  We encourage each pharmacy student involved in a local chapter to join the CPFI national organization (membership contribution is $30 per year).  You can use these links, or the student center menu buttons above.

Student Center Opportunties


Learn about how you can get involved in short or long term outreach activities. Explore an annual global health conference. Find out about resources to enable you to integrate your faith into you daily activities. Access a forum where anyone can view and members can post opportunities to get involved in serving underserved populations.  You can use these links, or the outreach menu buttons above.

Short-term Mission Opportunities

 "Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, 'Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?' And I said, 'Here am I, Send me!' " - Isaiah 6:8


Members and nonmembers can use the Events menu above to investigate the upcoming annual meeting, explore past annual meetings.  Members who have logged in can access the handouts from the past annual meeting, review the agendas for past and upcoming annual meetings and minutes of past annual meetings.  Calendars and listing of past and upcoming events are available to everyone. CPFI meetings (breakfasts, luncheons, etc.) at various national and regional meetings can be found.

Professional and student awards, and the past recipients are also listed and accessed using the events menu buttons.  The quick links on the page will take you to various CPFI publications and to a summary of our history and beliefs as well as providing our contact information.


Student Chapter Resources


The purpose of CPFI student chapters should be to motivate and equip pharmacy students to practice faith in Jesus Christ in their personal and professional lives. The purpose is also to encourage and develop an active Christian witness and evangelism through prayer, Bible study, outreach, and fellowship. The chapter should be evangelical in outlook and purpose; and activities consistent with this biblical view are encouraged and promoted. These chapters are an opportunity for Christian student to have a common affiliation with like-minded students of their school of pharmacy and also with those of other schools of pharmacy throughout the US and abroad. 

While CPFI encourages all pharmacy students to become actively involved in an student chapter, membership in a chapter does not automatically confer membership in CPFI. Therefore, we also encourage each pharmacy student to join CPFI individually for a student membership contribution of $30 per year and completing the CPFI membership form.

Starting A Chapter

Chapter Development

Opportunities for Individuals

Award Opportunities


Regional Websites

If your region has its own website to share news and information on events, you can find it below:

Southwest Region

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Interested in starting a new CPFI chapter on your campus?  You are in the right place!  Below is a step-by-step guide to help you establish a new student chapter.

1.  Read the Philosophy of Student Chapters for a better understanding of the background of a CPFI chapter.
2.  Read up on the National Student Council to learn about your support system.
3.  Develop a team of dedicated students to serve as leaders in establishing the new chapter.
4.  Seek out a faculty member to serve as an advisor.  Since advisors play a vital role in maintaining a chapter through the years, advisors are expected to be registered members of CPFI.  We have also prepared a guide for outstanding advisors.
5.  Establish goals and set a vision for your chapter.  To get you started, we have outlined some ideas to think about here.
6.  Email the student administrators to introduce yourself and ask for your school's log-in information.
     Chapters outside the US:  Submit an International Chapter Application
7.  Contact your school's student organization office to find out their requirements for a new organization and begin the approval process if necessary.

8.  Develop chapter bylaws using the Bylaws Template.  You may make modifications to better fit your chapter, but the following sections must remain the same:

  • Purpose

  • Articles of Faith

  • Officers and Code of Conduct (does not include "Officer Positions" or "Election of Officers" subsections)

9.  Get the word out to your classmates.  With permission of your school's administration, consider sending out an email.
10.  Register for membership if you have not done so already.  Please allow at least 2 days for your application to be processed.  Once processed, you can begin enjoying the benefits of CPFI members including:
  • Opportunities for national leadership in the National Student Council

  • Access to the guest speaker database

  • Automatically receiving the NSC Newsletter, Christianity & Pharmacy, and The Faith Scripts

  • Opportunities to publish

  • Spiritual support from fellow student and professional members to grow your pharmacy career into a ministry

  • Fellowship and networking opportunities at the Annual Meeting, Prayer Breakfasts, and the Global Missions Health Conference

 Please Note:  When registering for membership, please provide your permanent address (if different than your school address) and a secondary email address so we are able to stay in touch after you graduate.

Chapter Update Form

It is very important to update your chapter's information at least once a year.  This information lets us know how your chapter is doing and provides us with a way to get in touch with you with questions or concerns.  Additionally, we may have ministry opportunities to share with you!  To access this form use your chapter's username and password (Note:  If you are logged in with your personal account, you will need to log out and use your chapter's log in information).  If you do not remember this information, please contact the CPFI office or the student administrators.

Chapters outside the US should use the International Chapter Update Form


Chapter Example Calendar

Use this calendar as a template to develop a yearly plan for your chapter.  For ideas to help you plan your chapter's schedule, consider setting goals with activities that have been successful with other chapters:  Goals and Programs

Regional Involvement

Student Regional Directors are responsible for facilitating communication between the student groups in their area to share ideas, support one another, and to collaborate to bring students from other chapters together for a dinner, outreach event, or regional retreat.  Meet your regional director here.


If there is an opening in your region, you can also submit an application to become a Regional Director.

National Involvement
CPFI Annual Conference and National Student Retreat


              The National Student Retreat is held in conjunction with the CPFI Annual Meeting each year in June.  The retreat is planned by students for students and focuses on addressing the needs of Christian student pharmacists.  Following the Student Retreat, students have an opportunity to fellowship, network, and learn with pharmacists practicing in different settings across the country. 

2013 National Student Retreat

Bonclarken Conference Center, Asheville, NC


Global Missions Health Conference


Come to Louisville, KY each November to experience collaborative practice for the glory of God.  Every year, missions organizations and healthcare professionals meet to worship and seek out ways to serve the Kingdom of God using their skills.  In addition to worship and fellowship time, this is a great opportunity to learn about using your talents on the mission field.  Topics range from operating an effective mission to malaria treatment to surgery.  There are also free housing opportunities for students!


Prayer Breakfasts

CPFI hosts prayer breakfasts at many national meetings, including APhA, AACP, and ASHP, as well as some state meetings.  These breakfasts date back to the very start of CPFI.  Since members are already traveling to attend a particular professional meeting, it makes sense to seize the opportunity to have a prayer breakfast in order to facilitate fellowship, spiritual growth, worship, witnessing, and much more.


Program Ideas

Bible studies are a great way to grow the members in your chapter, but there are many other activities you can try.  Click to explore ideas that have been successful with other chapters, including outreach events, fellowship activities, fundraisers, and more.


CPFI has many opportunities for students to be involved on a national level.  Take a look below to find out how you can get involved!

Leadership Opportunities

There are several ways to serve in CPFI's student leadership, the National Student Council.

1.  NSC Representatives play an important role in communication between the chapter and national leadership.  Each chapter should have an NSC Representative to:

  • Communicate news about national events and innovative projects with the chapter
  • Seek support for the chapter from NSC
  • Serve as a contact person when NSC needs to get in touch with a chapter
  • Encourage chapter members to obtain membership with CPFI National
  • Update the chapter information at least once a year

NSC Representatives are elected or chosen by their chapter.  For information on how to get started as your chapter's NSC Representative, contact [email protected]

2.  Regional Directors facilitate activities and communication for chapters in their area.  Regional Directors use the unique characteristics of their region to strengthen their chapters.  Regional Directors can use their creativity to meet the needs of their chapters.  Some examples of successful projects include regional newsletters, regional retreats, service projects, and more.  If you are interested in this position, you can apply here.

3. The Regional Director Coordinator guides the Regional Directors as they begin their work.

4.  The National Student Retreat Coordinator works with the Annual Meeting Committee to plan the National Student Retreat in conjunction with the Annual Meeting.

5.  The Membership Transitions Coordinator oversees projects to help make the change from student member to professional member a smooth one.

6.  The NSC Chairperson and Assistant NSC Chairperson work together to oversee student activities and develop innovative solutions to challenges many Christian student pharmacists face across the country.

If you have questions about any of these positions, you may contact the current holder of the position or [email protected]

Missions Trips

CPFI works with Global Health Outreach (GHO), and organization that matches healthcare providers (including students!) to missions trips throughout the world. 

Missions scholarships are also available for CPFI student members.  Information on GHO and the missions scholarship can be found at the above link.

Resources are also available to guide students wishing to Plan a Mission Trip or Establish a Missions Rotation.

Committee Involvement

The CPFI Board of Directors has a variety of committees that offer opportunities for non-board members to serve.  If you are interested in serving on a committee, you may contact the chairperson for additional information.  Their contact information can be found by searching for them in the Member Search box in the top left of every page.


Scholarships are available to encourage Christian pharmacy students to pursue a career that advances the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and the profession of pharmacy.  Click on the link to see more details and qualification criteria.

Membership After Graduation

CPFI offers many great opportunities for its student members, but sadly many people miss out on the benefits of membership after graduation.  As you seek out God's plans for you in the next stage of life, don't let your CPFI membership get lost in the transition.