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The purpose of CPFI student chapters should be to motivate and equip pharmacy students to practice faith in Jesus Christ in their personal and professional lives. The purpose is also to encourage and develop an active Christian witness and evangelism through prayer, Bible study, outreach, and fellowship. The chapter should be evangelical in outlook and purpose; and activities consistent with this biblical view are encouraged and promoted. These chapters are an opportunity for Christian student to have a common affiliation with like-minded students of their school of pharmacy and also with those of other schools of pharmacy throughout the US and abroad. 

While CPFI encourages all pharmacy students to become actively involved in an student chapter, membership in a chapter does not automatically confer membership in CPFI. Therefore, we also encourage each pharmacy student to join CPFI individually for a student membership contribution of $30 per year and completing the CPFI membership form.

Starting A Chapter

Chapter Development

Opportunities for Individuals

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Regional Websites

If your region has its own website to share news and information on events, you can find it below:

Southwest Region

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