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 Journal - Christianity & Pharmacy 2014 - 2017

To see the table of contents of an issue, click on the image of the journal cover. CPFI members receive a copy of the journal as part of their membership. If you would like to request a copy, please contact the CPFI office.



 2017 Volume 20#1 (Table of Contents)

Editorial: The Difficult Journey by Mary Ferrill p. 02 
Staying True to Your Values by E.R. Anderson Jr. p. 04-05  
CPFI and the Road Less Traveled  by Daniel Spadaro  p. 05-08  
Transformation of Christian Pharmacy Student to a Christian
 by Jocelyn M. Freimuth
p. 09  
Don't Overlook Divine Appointments by Ralph Boyle p. 10
Son's Broken Road Changes Pharmacist Mom's Approach 
by Nancy Burgett
p. 10-11
The One Who Calls You is Faithful, and He Will Do It 
by Uragijwimana Jean De La Paix
p. 11-12
Just Make Time for Jesus by Paul Petrillo and Jason Bowen p. 12-13
Student Regional Retreats  p. 13-14
Hearts for the Broken by Emily Laswell, Andrew Straw & Brenda Pahl p. 15-16
Going Unto All the World by Rachel Kozinski  p. 16-19
Relying on God for Strength in the Mission Field by Chrales Wight,
Patricia Gonzalez-Abreu, Jennifer Mijares & David Dakwa
p. 20-22
Advocating for Haiti by Frank J. Nice & Lysette A. Deshields p. 22-26




 2016 Volume 19#2 (Table of Contents)

Gratitude by Mary Ferrill p. 2
Testimony from Taiwan by Ya-Han Lee, Li-yi- Liu & Hsiang-Yin Chen p. 4-7  
Power of Miracles  by Dan Brown  p. 8  
Being a Light in Darkness by Sarah Anderson p. 9-10  
Live Each Day by Charlotte Wilson p. 10-11  
Integrating Faith into Practice by Jordan Wulz & Hanna Sung p. 11-12  
Servant Leadership - Missions by Justin Dorothea, Austin Greanias,
Olivia Joyce & Michael Montejo
p. 12-14  
Pharm Fresh - Missions by Steffanie Powell, Ariel Richardson & 
Zach Ziner
p. 15-16  
Clinical Christianity by Jim Pinder p. 17
Board of Directors - Working Together  p. 18-19
Student Chapter Activities  p. 19-20  


2016 Volume 19#1 (Table of Contents)

Letter from the Editor by Mary Ferrill p. 2
An Analysis of Missions by Jeff Copeland p. 4-7  
Pharmacy and Radio?  by Joy Greene  p. 7-8 
Stopping for Turkeys by Rachelle Gaines p. 10-11  
Pauline Mentorship by Geoffrey & Courtney Mospan p. 12-13  
Mission Field at Home by Ashley Johnson p. 14  
Missions at the Core by Cedarville University p. 16-18  
Marijuana by Frank Nice p. 19-21  
Laborers of the Harvest by Deborah Chien p. 21  



2015 Volume 18#1 (Table of Contents)

Letter from the Editor by Mary Ferrill p. 3 
Gospel-Minded Mission Field by Deborah Chien p. 4-5  
Spiritual Warfare by N. Boyd, J. Elbert, J. Machin, H. Morris, J. Wulz  p. 6-8 
Ready, Set, Go! by Joy Greene p. 9
The Master's Key by Sam Molind p. 10-11
Using Our Earthly Endeavors to Serve by Cortney Mospan p. 12-14
Until They Know - We are Sancocho by Meghan Roddy p. 14-15
Being a Missionary at Home by Marcus Silva p. 16-17  
Applying the Stages of Change to Evangelism by Rebecca Widder p. 17-19  
Weaver Service Award  - recipient Dr. Wagdy Wahba p. 20-21  


2014 - A tribute to the late Warren Weaver, CPFI Founder and mentor.

2014 Volume 17#1 (Table of Contents)

In Loving Memory by Ron Herman p. 2-5
Memories of Warren Weaver by Herbert Hames p. 6-7
Pharmacists as Followers of Christ by Timothy Welty p. 8-10
Transformation by Amy Holmes p. 10
Change by Kay Lasley p. 11
Caring for the Uninsured and Newly Insured by Ashley Wensil p. 12-17
Computerized Provider Order Entry by Angela Pegram p. 18-19
Pharmacy Experiences in Afghanistan by Esther Kwak p. 21-22
Love Across Boundaries by L. Drescher, N. Chilson, J. Pauly, S. Reeg p. 23-25
Garden Reflections by Larry Johnson p. 26

1996 - The Inaugural Edition (Special reproduction of 2 articles)

To Honor the remembrance of our founder two articles from the first edition of the journal that were authored by Warren E. Weaver, one that describes his early spiritual journey and the second that describes the events that led to the establishment of CPFI are now available: 

1996 Volume 1#1  Table of Contents

A Man with a Mission  by Warren E. Weaver  p18-20
The History of Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International  by Warren E. Weaver   p5-9

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