Interested in starting a new CPFI chapter on your campus?  You are in the right place!  Below is a step-by-step guide to help you establish a new student chapter.

1.  Read the Philosophy of Student Chapters for a better understanding of the background of a CPFI chapter.
2.  Read up on the National Student Council to learn about your support system.
3.  Develop a team of dedicated students to serve as leaders in establishing the new chapter.
4.  Seek out a faculty member to serve as an advisor.  Since advisors play a vital role in maintaining a chapter through the years, advisors are expected to be registered members of CPFI.  We have also prepared a guide for outstanding advisors.
5.  Establish goals and set a vision for your chapter.  To get you started, we have outlined some ideas to think about here.
6.  Email the student administrators to introduce yourself and ask for your school's log-in information.
     Chapters outside the US:  Submit an International Chapter Application
7.  Contact your school's student organization office to find out their requirements for a new organization and begin the approval process if necessary.

8.  Develop chapter bylaws using the Bylaws Template.  You may make modifications to better fit your chapter, but the following sections must remain the same:

  • Purpose

  • Articles of Faith

  • Officers and Code of Conduct (does not include "Officer Positions" or "Election of Officers" subsections)

9.  Get the word out to your classmates.  With permission of your school's administration, consider sending out an email.
10.  Register for membership if you have not done so already.  Please allow at least 2 days for your application to be processed.  Once processed, you can begin enjoying the benefits of CPFI members including:
  • Opportunities for national leadership in the National Student Council

  • Access to the guest speaker database

  • Automatically receiving the NSC Newsletter, Christianity & Pharmacy, and The Faith Scripts

  • Opportunities to publish

  • Spiritual support from fellow student and professional members to grow your pharmacy career into a ministry

  • Fellowship and networking opportunities at the Annual Meeting, Prayer Breakfasts, and the Global Missions Health Conference

 Please Note:  When registering for membership, please provide your permanent address (if different than your school address) and a secondary email address so we are able to stay in touch after you graduate.