CPFI has many opportunities for students to be involved on a national level.  Take a look below to find out how you can get involved!

Leadership Opportunities

There are several ways to serve in CPFI's student leadership, the National Student Council.

1.  NSC Representatives play an important role in communication between the chapter and national leadership.  Each chapter should have an NSC Representative to:

  • Communicate news about national events and innovative projects with the chapter
  • Seek support for the chapter from NSC
  • Serve as a contact person when NSC needs to get in touch with a chapter
  • Encourage chapter members to obtain membership with CPFI National
  • Update the chapter information at least once a year

NSC Representatives are elected or chosen by their chapter.  For information on how to get started as your chapter's NSC Representative, contact [email protected].

2.  Regional Directors facilitate activities and communication for chapters in their area.  Regional Directors use the unique characteristics of their region to strengthen their chapters.  Regional Directors can use their creativity to meet the needs of their chapters.  Some examples of successful projects include regional newsletters, regional retreats, service projects, and more.  If you are interested in this position, you can apply here.

3. The Regional Director Coordinator guides the Regional Directors as they begin their work.

4.  The National Student Retreat Coordinator works with the Annual Meeting Committee to plan the National Student Retreat in conjunction with the Annual Meeting.

5.  The Membership Transitions Coordinator oversees projects to help make the change from student member to professional member a smooth one.

6.  The NSC Chairperson and Assistant NSC Chairperson work together to oversee student activities and develop innovative solutions to challenges many Christian student pharmacists face across the country.

If you have questions about any of these positions, you may contact the current holder of the position or [email protected].

Missions Trips

CPFI works with Global Health Outreach (GHO), and organization that matches healthcare providers (including students!) to missions trips throughout the world. 

Missions scholarships are also available for CPFI student members.  Information on GHO and the missions scholarship can be found at the above link.

Resources are also available to guide students wishing to Plan a Mission Trip or Establish a Missions Rotation.

Committee Involvement

The CPFI Board of Directors has a variety of committees that offer opportunities for non-board members to serve.  If you are interested in serving on a committee, you may contact the chairperson for additional information.  Their contact information can be found by searching for them in the Member Search box in the top left of every page.


Scholarships are available to encourage Christian pharmacy students to pursue a career that advances the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and the profession of pharmacy.  Click on the link to see more details and qualification criteria.

Membership After Graduation

CPFI offers many great opportunities for its student members, but sadly many people miss out on the benefits of membership after graduation.  As you seek out God's plans for you in the next stage of life, don't let your CPFI membership get lost in the transition.